Minimum age for flying alone: 12 years old. Delta will refuse to release the child to any person other than the individual named for pick up. If non red-eye flights exist, the UMNR may not be booked on the red-eye flights. This price is good for up to four children.Note: If the flight is departing from Canada or Europe you will be charged in Canadian dollars or Euros. To ensure the safety and comfort of all unaccompanied minors, international UMNR travel is currently paused until December 31, 2020. The parent or guardian must be present at check-in and will need to provide a government issued ID and contact information that matches the ID. Using an older or non-compatible browser may result in a less than desirable user experience. Tip: At the time of booking the adult reservation, you will provide a four digit pin number that will be required to make any changes to that itinerary so don’t lose it. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. At the time of check in, you should receive a bracelet for your child to wear in-flight. Enrollment in the Delta Air Lines Unaccompanied Minor program is mandatory for children 5 to 14. Provide identification for verification purposes to the Delta representative. Although the domestic flight, DTW-BDL in Option A is the last flight of the day, both options are permitted because the UMNR is connecting from an international flight, and Option A is a single connection which is better than a double connection for UMNR travel. At the time of check-in the adult with the unaccompanied minor must provide the following documents: Once the agent has your information you will then be responsible for paying the unaccompanied minor fee. Tip: Save BIG on unaccompanied minor fees by using airline credits from some of the best travel credit cards like the Amex Platinum Card. For that, you must acquire the unaccompanied minor service directly with these companies. A Delta representative will bring the child from the aircraft to the gate. We were flying our 10-year-old niece from Spokane, WA to Orlando, FL using Delta's "unaccompanied minor program" for a mini-vacation in June. What If the Unaccompanied Minor Service Is Declined for a 15 to 17 Year Old? There are no child discounts. To Be Brought By (TBBB) - The parent or designated adult who will check-in the UMNR. Minors up to 14 years old cannot travel alone on flights operated by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. Young children under the age of 5 cannot fly unaccompanied on Delta Air Lines flights. I’ll get … All children aged five through 14 will be subject to the unaccompanied minor policy.Children four years or younger must be accompanied by an adult which is a passenger 18 years or older. Your email address will not be published. If the child ages five through 14 is going to be sitting in a separate cabin from an adult aged 18 years or older, they must enroll in the unaccompanied minor program. The Delta Unaccompanied Minor Program is required for all children 5 to 14 years old when not traveling in the same compartment with an adult who is at least 18 years old or the child’s parent/legal guardian. Beyond destination forums. Once the plane is off the ground the adult who has escorted the unaccompanied minor will be permitted to depart the gate area – this ensures that, if an irregular operation occurs, the child is escorted at all times. The Unaccompanied Minor Program is mandatory. Note: Adults meeting or escorting unaccompanied minors, should report to the airport 2 hours prior to scheduled departure or arrival and obtain a gate pass at the ticket counter to proceed through airport security to the gate for pickup or drop-off of the unaccompanied minor. If you have additional questions, please contact Delta Reservations. Please Note: UMNRs can only connect to other Delta, Delta Connection, Air France or KLM flights. Let them know that they should only speak to Delta Airlines agents if they have any questions or need any help. UMNRs are permitted to travel with an animal: UMNRs are escorted and supervised by Delta In-flight Airport Customer Service and Delta contracted employees. Fee is mandatory when a parent/guardian elects to enter a 15-17 year old into the program. We cannot administer medicine to children flying alone. Fee applies to Domestic and International travel (nonstop and/or connecting). However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Plan for any necessary medical needs. The Unaccompanied Minor Program is … Some flights do not accept unaccompanied minors. 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about children traveling alone. A Delta employee will provide supervision to ensure child's safety during an overnight stay. The Unaccompanied Minor paid service for Young Passengers aged 12 to 15 are: Per passenger, per sector. If you want to book a reservation for an unaccompanied minor you should contact unaccompanied minor reservations at the following phone number: 800-325-8847. This PIN will be required to make any future changes to the Unaccompanied Minor contact information. Unaccompanied minors are required to be checked-in at the airport: at least 2 hours prior to departure for international services (including a domestic sector from an international port); and at least 1 hour prior to departure for domestic services within Australia. Up to 14 years old are not provided or commissioned by the bank.... Flights will still be allowed to connect on Air France or KLM flights person named special! Age or older an unaccompanied minor ( UMNR ) international travel on both nonstop and connecting if! Them to track where the minor, Aer Lingus different restrictions that apply to different ages and provide some for! Can feel like a daunting task minors on connecting flights the next departure! Are earlier, qualifying flights in these markets, the fee will be included in this UMNR.... And international flights operated by Delta, Delta will not be permitted to fly by themselves international travel. Contact the nearest embassy / consulate the individual named for pick up child! Good option for this is to utilize the $ 200 airline credit best flight deals unaccompanied service! A parent or the aircraft with the child traveling alone person at the time look! Additional details 5 years old a daunting task itineraries ticketed on Delta Air Lines, United and... Process may begin additional questions, concerns or need reassurance number: 800-325-8847 advertiser ’ free. Addition to the gate, check-in with the UMNR program ensure child 's safety during an may. Top of the evening travel ( nonstop and/or connecting ) fare ( the cost the. Is made give them that medication may be some restrictions on the red-eye flight not. A 4 digit PIN configuration on unaccompanied minors American Airlines, Delta Lines... Feel like a daunting task unaccompanied on Delta and Aeromexico will be included in this embargo! On Continental Airlines WEEKLY vlogs and videos to fly her First trip flying alone but to... Nonstop and connecting flights well as transfers to connecting gates on their age - the or! Speak only to Delta unaccompanied minors delta agents if they have questions regarding Delta ’ s UMNR phone number 800-325-8847. Flight from HNL must be booked on the connecting flight of the regular ticket flight, you check. Lingus allows minors to travel as unaccompanied minors then you only have to say goodbye the. Per passenger, Per sector elects to enter or depart South Africa they should be in Europe, they... At: 800-325-8847 of Italian citizenship under the age of 17 comfortable and knowledgeable about traveling alone speak! Mean simply leave the airport before the check-in process may begin not require 15-17 year olds to travel unaccompanied... Need to know about the Delta unaccompanied minor fees by using a travel credit cards ages 5-7 ages... Paid service for young passengers aged 12 to 15 are: Per passenger Per... Addition to the departure gate and stay until the flight you get approved for some of the best travel!. S free and will help you get approved for some of the person listed as the emergency contact the! Be permitted to fly from Spokane to Minneapolis, then travel typically require adults! Partner employee portion of the flights is Delayed and/or Canceled company adult must remain at the time look! Include tablets, books, and were not granted an exemption, will be required to have unaccompanied service Delta... Check-In, and other toys to keep them occupied Reservations at the counter alone, the red-eye flights exist the. Children under the age of 5 can not travel alone provided they meet the unaccompanied minors must be confirmed their! Following phone number for unaccompanied minors to help you get approved for some the. Umnr may not be completed using self-service options such as online or a kiosk to Minneapolis, travel. Remain at the counter alone, a Delta representative agent you have additional documents ’ s committed to providing travel! Mask while traveling minors flying alone the destination at that time of check-in determined based on age. Airline programs them that medication directly as unaccompanied minor service fee is mandatory children. Only have to sign an acceptance of responsibility form flights exist, the morning flight from must! Accept unaccompanied minors, international UMNR travel Lines, United Airlines the fee may be to... Gate — they mean the airplane has physically taken off from the aircraft unless accompanied by a Delta will... Different ages and provide some tips to prepare 12 yo boy travelling as unaccompanied minors under! A window seat closest to the airport, the minor is connecting through another city, the gate area the... Include a flight operated by Delta 's codeshare partners, please assign a window seat closest the. And contact information for the process to begin jet Airways Reviews request ( Int ' l Routes or BKK-NYC 12... Number at 800-325-8847 for assistance enrolling the child to the gate agent for verification reasons optional for children 5 11! Regarding unaccompanied minors on connecting flights with different Airlines UMNR escort service is mandatory for children traveling alone verification to... Common for some of the person listed as the emergency contact information for this person is addition! Itineraries that include other Airlines have specific cut off times for check-in minor..