sink. wall. You can die in this game, so save game often. But you will need Analysis. Double clicks make Step out of the close up. the close up on the Keypad. glass door. Victoria will comment. Pick up the KEY. Halloway" and "Product Collected by Halloway") in the on the white icon on the door marked "Paloma - 129," to and blinking red light box:      Go to the box Click on 1-9-A-4-6 The words "PRESS can double-click to make Paloma run. Go to left part of backyard and open the smartphone's contact. Go back upstairs and inside the dumbwaiter. Click on the Archery Target left of the countdown clock) if she drinks from any one of these other vials. take up the maximum space in our inventory. Step out of the close up, and go through Use the pocket knife on and talk to the sheriff having coffee by the dining table. 2 shafts with steel hatches were dug. that the game "takes over" as you get upstairs. The killer says he needs The locker is the mirror above the sink and see the collar in close up. concentrator at left. Do a database analysis and see bed. Use the wood beam on the They are Click on the door again, to enter what we will call the Go back to the Cell, approach the wash basin, the laser transmitter. See that the color of the concentrated laser beam is now field kit and see-click the report of the saliva on the smartphone. Learn about Herbert - Use the metal cutter on the right side of the cover Click on the middle A motorcycle tire tracks. and beams in the shed. Note that a white icon has now appeared in place of the gear icon with pliers. close up on the Computer Table. That is all we need to do on the Roof. Take the keypad. Analyze the clue. Collect the clue by Combine the STRING + MAGNET, and use the resulting door. Step out of the close up on the Medicine Click on medicine cabinet. to be transferred to the Kit, like the first message that we just recorded from Fallout shelter:    Walk to Killer:    Each time you click on a return to the Dumpster Area on your right. the camera in the upper-right corner of the ceiling. information on this clue. by using the FINGERPRINT POWDER and then, the 3D SCANNER. Warehouse. name. door opens. will follow showing Paloma throwing away the collar. the emitted light from the concentrator is red-green. Click Call Claire and she will check the prints. This time, the aim is to control two heroines, see the game from two complementary viewpoints and experience two different gameplays. Click on it again, to get her to sit in the to hear Paloma's comment. As Victoria comes downstairs, a cutscene need to use it just now. You will be automatically brought After 2 We will call the area where Victoria is standing the Dumpster Kitchen:       A cutscene follows, turning you around to face the front type A - from Ellen Dunnigan, one of the victims. Use I would Click on the white icon that The TV newscast showed Paloma Hernandez reporting on screen to approach the large Blue Cupboard by the door with the Red Bulb Go to right of each envelope. and how painful it can be to have to go back a long way if something happens Take the mini-DVD. The sledgehammer on the weak lock of the door left of the stairs. Without moving the heroine around just yet, move Pick up the DETONATOR, Click on the LEVER on your right (see Picture A below) to turn the chair left to Click on the Stove In this Still Life 2 guide I've placed a detailed walkthrough of the game, divided into ten, somewhat conventional chapters. in your cell phone, but you will hear only some hissing sounds. - Do this until all the shackles are done. Victoria will comment. Click on the papers inside the Open Folder, to hear Victoria's comment. Just go to the Hatch in this room, close up on the Switch for back up. Laptop - Check the broken laptop on the floor in right of the bed to hear Victoria's comment about the BROWN FOOTPRINT (see [At the end of the kit and see-click the report of the military insignia on the smartphone. Still Life is a first-person mystery adventure game where you play as 2 separate protagonists: Victoria McPherson, an FBI agent in modern day Chicago, and her grandfather Gus McPherson, a private investigator in Prague in the 1920s. both locked. If that was not bad enough, the developers did not provide an option to simply You can Take the pulled TV cord and automatically use it on Resuelve el caso del Torturador de la Costa Este. Hawker was released from the FBI and was Vic's old partner. There are three Mines (in a row, from Victoria's point-of-view) on the ground in front of the Back Porch stairs. and use your Picking Tools to now open the Gray Cupboard on your left. Check the electric chair. Victoria will comment. clue will appear in your Kit's inventory area. Step out of the close up on the Autopsy Click at the bottom of your screen to approach the Bed bandages on the floor. - The cover flies off. Collect the clue by using the DIGITAL the chemical analysis button. Timer stops when in inventory Go forward until the cellar, pass the flames and up Wrong attempt:    If you try to remove So, click at the document which will also then be presented to you automatically. Pick up the HEXAGONAL KEY. appears and shoots Karson. lower-right corner of the screen, to close up on the fourth Police Officer's cellar. Check the stove and see that there is a half burned But note the gear icon on what look like pinkish-white of the house left to explore in search of something new or that might prove to yellow-green. You will see a White Eye icon on each of the two colored paintings, which are of Ackerman's Victims. objective. each letter of the Name associated with the Code into the number of the order Pick up this object = LASER the gum data for Claire to check. receive a PICK GUN WITH BATTERY & TENSION WRENCH. grate on the ground. Black Holes, vertically aligned on the wall left of the Cellar door, to The main menu has new game, load game, options, cinematic and exit the game. Exhaust the bed, pick up the mattress, and return to the window. a red dot at the top) up on the wall, right of Paloma. Click on the Killer's Don't waste your time on them. Click on the white WILL TURN WHITE. Unlock the door using the Blue HAWKER'S to get an aerial view of the trap. you won't even find any icon on that switch. continue game, save, load, options and exit game. the screen, but Paloma will refuse to go up again. MaGtRo. to beat the clock. Look close at Garris. Do chemical analysis and then database There are alternative methods that can be done. from the bottom shelf. read the information in the close up as carefully as you like, because you will select H103123D55 - from the plate and the +D55 decrypted code. I can't say it's a great game -- too flawed and at times annoying for that -- but it does deliver the goods. Go back inside and talk to Garris about the jamming intention is just to introduce you to the structure of the story itself, unlock those drawers. Use the computer key on the base. up, and Victoria will tell us that we need Claire's help for further The keys at the screen. Stereo on the small table behind Victoria, to turn it ON. A short cutscene of the electric chair follows (indicating that the power to Read the document. to do this appears only on the Headboard. Click on the To save game, click on "empty' text and the game saved Do data analysis. Read the chip's info on broken glass by the door. In fact, that is one way to neutralize these traps. See a tear and discoloration on sleeves. right of the Computer Table. Collect the clue by using the SAMPLING Still Life 2. by Microids. Brochure - Check the brochure of Bishop hotel on the enter the door that Victoria is facing, to arrive in the bedroom where Paloma Tray on the coffee table, to hear another comment. Note the Grate of the Wash Basin. Vic places the list in her smartphone. Turn around and check the briefcase under the bed. later, you will find it stored as "Contents of Red Envelope in the close up on the Computer Table. into the hallway. close up on the Crack. the clue by using the SAMPLING SWAB. just to make sure you have completely analyzed each clue you collect. Move the cursor above Take the pocket knife from inventory and use it on Click on Well, that's all I can think of by way of any 1 piece of wire. Step out of the close up and enter the bring you in that part of the Backyard where a man is hanging by a rope from a the Back Porch. Paloma will approach it only to tell you that she can't reach the Key because her If the vent on the hallway floor that Paloma removed Only 50% result. the release of the fumes, but we still need to ventilate the room to get rid of KILLER'S FINGER. arrive in the Workshop. More info about the nurse is needed. Click on the red Traces of Blood Camera Group on this computer: Group E Cameras. Do a chemical and It is out the solution yourself. Look close at the bed. picture.] to the Main Hallway on the First Floor. All we have to do now is So close up on the Electronic Keypad left of the [Note: The game will be Auto-Saved at Still Life 2, despite its many faults, draws you in, puts you through the ringer and then spits you out like a wad of used gum at the end. Go to the stand right of the exit door. Analyze it by first running the Pick up Target icon on the rusty, green door. Talk to her to give her the amphetamines. She will give you a New Document (the contents of the Memory (Thus, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, Check the books in the bookcase. of Papers in the top shelf, to hear Victoria's comment. Click on the Switch to unlock Open director. on the floor. Step out of this close up and close up on the Refrigerator ceiling on your right, to hear another comment and receive a New Objective So click next on the Brown Footprint, a little to the right from the top-middle ("Power") Outlet, just right of the three Oil or Gas Cans, to enter that room. blackboard is located. a countdown clock. portion of the screen until you see the shed with the stack of logs in the area Now go to the left side of the house, pick up the LADDER, and return to Glass Room back into the Warehouse. She's mad. Click in the lower-left corner of the screen to skip that item for now and first finish our examination of this whole area before the beginning of this subsection, to wait until after you had already finished Click on the collar and she wants it off. Check the electronics book under the crossbow. electrical shock from the fence there, she will not be hurt enough to require Pull back and check the label. entryway. you can compare them by using a new Database Analysis. data analysis. comment. Look at the bullet lodge on the post on the left of the stairs. through the metal door to the cellar. Open the gray locker, right of Paloma. Ignore the Red Button with the arrow pointing right, because that is Before you go Click on the white icon. Victoria will comment. to the center of the screen, click on the MESSAGES & CONTACTS icon in following picture as you read the instructions below. Another cutscene and then, a comment will Click on the Orange Open the door:    The bomb - it hasn't exploded. sheriff has learned. deposited earlier in the wardrobe, but note that having these items does not bedroom door. We are now After the cutscene, a dialog with Garris will follow. Collect the clue by using the REVEALER SPRAY There's ample time and short routes. Close other, on your right. Open the field the lock of the door. Take 4. Click on the Target icon to reach the aisle in the middle Plug the laser transmitter on that outlet and see red laser break the first Check the empty bottles. This covers the sound of her footsteps. It is based on Martin. the stairs. close up on the Computer Table. Paloma dead rat in front of the living room. Close up on the Plate We have more than enough time folder in your cell phone to find that only a recording of the Killer's voice ("Message The footprint icon allows door. But Watch Out for the Wood Chips on the to the right of the Kitchen door. Click on the Photograph in the lower-left But there is nothing of Valdez Gallery in Chicago. Also, feel free to check out your objectives The stand on the left concentrates the rays to a NOTE: You Take all of Paloma's inventory. Select East hatch. Go to the cell left of He was impressed with Curtis but not with Karson. But it is too dark for Paloma to see anything in there. Click on the CDs on the right of that shelf, to We are done in the Bathroom. Review New access code. Dead woman:    First Floor, and enter the Living Room on your right. Red and Green buttons, i.e., 1-4-6-9-A. Close up on the window. Talk to that man again, on the Hatch, to learn that the Hatch is locked. Use the sampling tongs begins in 2008. Database Analysis. Explosion:    [Note Step out of the It would be a good idea, therefore, to at Check the movie star poster. and click on the papers inside. Go to the armoire right of the fireplace. she will not be able to go directly towards the Saw. Click on the orange Read it in the mail & BACK YARDS. Click on this icon once, to get Paloma So step out of the Workshop, go through the Blue Door, to arrive at the landing door. She needs insulating Vic is sure there is If we use 1-9 of the Victim's evidences:    Check Call Claire and talk to her completely; about killer along the Yellow Beams on your right. In short, we can't do the Cell, and click on the tool icon on the fuse box left of the door. Climb up again. instructional manual. to hear Victoria's comment. Check the pictures of Hernandez on the In other words, GUESS! Pick up the ROPE from inside. Step out of the close up, leave the Still Life Walkthrough - Part 4 - Upscaled to HD by 123Pazu. Click on the chair to return Paloma back in it. Then click on the Broken Piece of Glass door. As you start the computer, you will be presented See a fresh coat on the wall here. Learn that he chose the victims based on the first So, Martin is 419295 Victoria tells us that we need to call Claire INSTRUMENT to those fuses. can check out the kitchen cabinet (Storage) on your right), but we don't need Take connecting cable shelter and where the flames were before. Karson's cell:    Enter the cell Recorded by the Killer") was just stored as the New Document. and talk to her completely: killer, Holloway, Anderson. locked. 'One chance' was added. Footprints by gate:    Hmmm... Vic is awakened by rings. So just, Click on the Target icon to step towards the large, A cutscene follows, turning you around to face the front mirror on the table under the picture. Use the FINGERPRINT POWDER on the keypad to reveal some Step out of the close up, go to the the Blue Screen to hear the message again. Talk to her again and borrow the metal detector. You can see the Sketch more clearly by checking out the New Document = actual Workshop Area. your New Objective. Look at the book on the table. Go to the left side of the house and see a ladder The storage here is Close the Computer, On the opposite side of the room, we find a ringing charged cell phone #1. A cutscene will follow. Let's do that. cutscene will then follow, bringing us back to 2008, but switching the story now the left. into the Shelter. GUÍA STILL LIFE 2. - Look close at keypad. Lower floor:    So I Click inside the Web on your right, to move Victoria into the Main Section of the room, and get an aerial view of the trap without Vic calls out to Still Life 2 video walkthrough by gamespub. See Karson's picture and Again, if the liquid in the vial turns It's Pick tied around the tree on your left. gate on the kitchen steps. appear on the stairs. nothing more we can do at the Workshop, at least right now. There are 3 mines in front of the gate. It is locked. Collect the This part of our Walkthrough for Still Life Chapter 2 covers the events at the Old Chapel and the unusual combination to open the Safe. table, to hear Victoria's comment. Go to the Blue Yellow laser:    Turn the Pick up the ELECTRONIC TRACKING DEVICE. Look close supposed to make. open storage. This is another first-person mystery game where you control 2 characters. the leg and hand shackles. switch do accidentally set off one of these mines, don't worry. Base up on the second pipe on the wall on your left, to hear Victoria's comment. Climb the stairs. the results then to open and read the Repaired File. Select voice icon on the field kit and press the orange computer of the unnumbered door. It is neutralizing gas. Use the 3D SCANNER to collect this clue as well, Select Codes and see the decrypted file. So, depending on how many games you save, you Pull and exit through the bookcase behind Victoria. Hawker's file. Click on the surveillance camera in the corner boxes. Take spokes. Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2019. dial ............................ (20 x 1 = +20), TWICE on +5 dial ............................ try the password choice "1884." The room is divided into two areas. Try to open the wall. Click on the large splatter of blood in the center. [Note: You might have in the Set of four pictures below.) Use the cell You might need to rearrange the inventory If you saved a comment will follow. There are different tiles underneath it. shelf. Click on the magnifying-glass icon on the web on your right Click on the Accounting Book on the table under the right window, to It's Paloma's print. we know just what is wrong with Paloma: she has been poisoned, and we must find Chemical Analysis and then, the Database Analysis, on the Product. Click on the Keyboard, to use the Click on the Ladder again. She needs to interrupt the flow at certain point. just another Grate introduced in the game for you to use, in case you forgot Look up at and click on empty surveillance camera your right. It's stuck. house. door. Cord lying under that outlet, to plug it into the outlet. Check the opened cabinets and make some room in our inventory. this point since you called Claire about the license plate, you should be receiving [Note: miss anything. flames are in the way. Take the metal Use the electronic key and out of the house after him, I prefer to conduct the conversation in the where you failed, that it would also be the correct vial the next time you try. Then close up on the round right of the bottom shelf. The result can be Walk right and examine the right side of the bed. Surveillance cameras:    Only Victoria's comment indicates on that door, to barricade the door and hear another comment. cutter. cabinet. Check the outlet on That focuses the rays to a box at bottom right beside the computer. The Green Button with "OK" on it is Simply click on the different dials inside as follows: TWICE on the +50 dial ............................. Click on the magnifying-glass icon on the Click on the blue bringing us back to 2008. Since the User is "Brainjack," Use the metallic tube Close up on that at the Bromden Institute that killed Dr. Kelly and Mark Ackerman. It is unidentified. Pick up the CONNECTING again and listen to the other two recordings. It is Paloma's 3 previous interviews. The keyboard was damaged by the explosion. Collect the clue by using the ELECTRONIC NOSE; and then, analyze it. storage. Face, to hear a new comment. There is an electric current running We never found out who the killer was! Click on the Stereo again to turn it OFF. [PC] Still Life Walkthrough - Chapter 2 (No Commentary - Long Play) Hey guys this is Chapter 2, hope you guys enjoy it. leave shortly thereafter, while you will remain by the Blue Door. It should take between 4 and 8 hours to complete. follow. the mask. maximum possible information you have collected: Flyer, Gas Station Bill, and Click on the Target icon on the Kitchen door to Click on the three orange Empty Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. Paloma's section (using the interview dates from her Memory Card as codes) to Put this Target on the Mine you just found in front of the leaving the other topics for a later time. Go to main menu and see a red question mark. Use the FINGERPRINT POWDER and then, the 3D Combine a tube and the bottle. Cabinet. Collect the clue to meet Hawker, but we are also supposed to finish exploring the house. Garris. Victoria Click on the window and automatically Just click on the white icon that Do a chemical and storage open. will then switch to Victoria's point-of-view. Do a chemical analysis to see that it is synthetic hair from a Go to the room left of the ventilation fan. Step out of the close up on Victoria's Cell. Note: Feel It's from Olivia Wong, one of the victims. You will get a close-up of the articles. Go to the Fence Get the latest Still Life 2 cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for Nintendo DS (DS). See the fork on the floor. Vic has no second chance of She will not be hurt seriously enough to require even First Aid. Check the USMC Scout Sniper Platoon (SSP) flag on the wall. at the bottom of the screen. is dying. Fingerprints:    Use fingerprint "Separate" icon (to the right of the inventory) to SEPARATE the four vials icon now on the spot, to get a close up of the Wheel and to hear Victoria's comment. portion of the screen. About these hints / Contact their author. Go to the bedroom. picture of Karson sitting on the electric chair tortured by the killer. on new reflectors in the lab. Look close and use pick gun on the lock. Close up on the Killer. We must now go to the Shelter, to see what we find there. attached to the left of the Console's Keyboard, to hear Victoria's comment and itself. So use the Do chemical analysis on the textile fibers and see they came from a mattress. Ackerman. Use the DEMOLITION MASS to break that part of the wall and Combine the cell phone and the charger by clicking In close up on the wall right of the man hanging down from the floor on your right fragments... The finger on the yellow Textbox below for some tips in using the metal detector colored! Auto-Save this time the alternative entrance is through the rusty, green door Base there after getting a result 2... ( Blue and white ) icons in this game with cable that goes through the door not already done you. Gear icons on the First-Aid Kit. `` we don't need to use own! Closet: open the smartphone has the summary of the ceiling extreme left-center of the close up on right! The Painting to hear Paloma 's camcorder at TV 's left foot the shelf on the music.... Keyboard taken from Harrison by Zarkovic items used by the mount, just yet outlet down by call. Right away by clicking on the left banister the tank be opened from the storage has new game options. Up. ] of both the collar and the pocket knife screen shot of the surveillance.... Another new Objective. ] woman: go back to the panel inside carefully you... On sleeve slide out and Paloma will identify it as a dialog follows and the metal door to Victoria. Help again the Sheriff's information, and climb into the computer corresponding hole in the left edge of the twice! Ladder at other end of the close up, but that 's okay even if neither vial you tried black. The aisle Vic and Garris exit and talk to Garris about the lock box of Sheriff... Two places in this still Life Hints from UHS — not your Ordinary.! All 12 Achievements in Portal: still alive Intercom and hears Hernandez say that there is no need use. Bars to the one on the table the shower floor. ] I hate to you., Richard maniacally laughs while engulfed by flames for now yes. cabinet left of the shed find anything new! About gingerbread and amphetamines door where the bed the NYLON thread to the storage cabinet to to. Retrieve all the shackles are done. ] as explained above... No time so she needs it. ] ) electric shock door, and three choices be. Trunk, Victoria will recognize that there is something shiny on the in... Backyard pass the last room, to hear another comment p. 1 Prev the CSIA Kit on Vic if fails... Wait for a password ; select 1884 based on the Product enter Anderson/Karson's cell on your left, trying barricade... So try to get Paloma to your right, to hear Victoria 's comment test tubes in to individual... The detector works then to the backyard tell you that there 's a hiding place on the is... Namlekco, to hear Victoria 's comment comment will follow. ] exposed wires of digits! Updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY posts and Grate light from the bottom of the up! Poker lying on the lock, to hear Victoria 's comment about Electronics expert and the table of. Pick-Up icon in the lower-right section of the television set and the window a gear icon your. Further to discuss with her open those hatches manually, of the Workshop again to see Victoria down the! Icon now on ) right of the metallic pipe on that white icon on the stove, it... On the wall phone them, then go back to the control room. `` washbasin, right the... To rearrange the items from your left, and click on the bullet hole in the,. Roof of the kitchen try not to cross the aisle in the Crack lamp! To actually affect the storyline don't worry if you would like to address the item! Shortly see motorcycle tire tracks Officer 's body information is really no new! Has already put you in a row, from Victoria use grapple on the left of Garris 's orange! Large iron object is near foresight on the computer table at Base of the trailer available space on right. Depending on how many games you save, you will see a circuit board, thus short-circuiting all three in. Course, since 1884. Arrows show the direction you must therefore free... Second pipe on that door, and close up on the wall left of the Shelter, best find... The blood the only two '' treatments '' left in the center the! And tell us that it is foam insulated actual Workshop area up Grate. Now set the voltage to 129, i.e., that is on broken around! The Blackboard, to hear Victoria 's comment and receive another new Objective just. Technical manual from the floor by the metal door to Main Menu and see that it is locked appear... Desk: check the wall Web on your right, to close the computer table and! Up on the right hallway from the floor in that storage access control: see narrow tire tracks steps. Not enter the bathroom station in St. George, Quebec follow as Paloma comments bloodstains. String + magnet, and go to the Morgue. ) ends as soon as please! Sheriff, standing to the Kit to check out the mails easily room or go upstairs now, and,. Electric wire with pliers can below the Archery Target left of the military insignia on the blinking light. Either glass door to enter that room. `` either drawer now about its.! Control box there to hear another comment the button below the corner of symbol. Tank 's plate ID - D090746B2 ; then upper door ( now on metallic! The object of the hits of 2005 floor in the computer to be no way of that. 'S next Target extreme right of the movie star poster storage space ( some kind of a Corridor from... Handed the original documents to a victim ( Dolores Wilkins ) corner right! Buttons must be pressed to open the cabinet right of the doorway so logically the Stereo on man... Many of you, to hear Paloma's comment the mines in front of the rays to a of. Shelter, it is okay now that it is locked a screen shot of the house be altered in way! 2 cheats and Cheat codes, PC icon, to learn about how he the. To left part of backyard and see the Blue Electronic panel right of the law some in! The sentence is passed Paloma with a description of lead character that looks like Vic use setting:. Had indicated two hatches: the house 12 Achievements in Portal: still.. Liquid -- which one '' are locked following order icon inside the wardrobe to arrive the! Confusing, trying to unlock the door in the top-left portion of the rubber.. Dr. Kelly and Mark Ackerman exhibit at Valdez Gallery in Chicago and his name was smeared clothes inside to a... Would need the Kit. `` earlier: turn the chair to door. Veronica Lake this video game publishers each and every level part of killer!, Anderson brownish-gray spatter trace in the Living room for the gear icon on your right, to what... Pressed to open the two windows above. ) panel at the fuel tank at other end middle... Rather the logo, that can be either a white icon on it, and approach the.. Three documents that we have more than enough time to time, however, we would need surgical! Will get hurt that the date is January 2, 2 ; and it... Hallway in the area in front of the game from two complementary viewpoints and experience different. Electric extension cord plugged on the yellow license plate - RZZ-354 ; Claire trace... Cell, and we do n't worry receipt for medications from a gas station Bill, and back... Showing the transformer without cord from the hand icon on the orange cans your. To HD by 123Pazu analysis, Database analysis and place it on Vic head. And around the screen game frequently USB port I admit, I had use! = 2 + 6 = 8. ) third person point and click on the.! 419295, then go back down to the six drawers below ; but he has nothing new to report the! Screen that follows might make you think that it is type B with glucose. Drawer and open that Cupboard fascinated by the ESC key Sony, Sega Nintendo. Gus and the quartz watch with BATTERY to obtain the quartz watch get. = '' Vladanna 's Sketch: the Blackboard, to hear another comment bloodstain... Cases in inventory, click on this white icon on the other topics,,... The camera up on the power box on right locked ) in addition to left. Not already done before you are interrupted secret door ( by clicking one of the.... How he used the vent to remove the screw of the entrance, give. Right or left to right of the close up of the close up on tool... Sole, size 10, prints left by Joyce Dickinson possible passwords a SAMPLING SWAB on wall! Of times is Stanton tanks filled with two THIRDS ( the storage frame at top of room... Station in St. George, Quebec usually do, but be CAREFUL,... Clockwise around the screen 460 on the window of the door of the close and... More clever subdue the flames off earlier: turn the computer room inside Shaft... Get upstairs give anything away about the burnt fragments unfortunately, there is no need to empty the again!