The reel comes in black and is lightweight (9 oz). You will get it pre-spooled by 4 lbs. With many features like a QuickSet™ anti-reverse, Bite Alert™ and a dial-adjustable drag. The reel has 7 bearings and all-metal gears. The gear ratio is 2.9: 1 and the reel also comes pre-wound with 10 lbs. Zebco Cardinal 4 Reel Parts Bail Wire NOS # 9887 Tray 3. £10.00. You need to choose a fishing reel wisely and clearly understand where and what you will fish. You will notice that now it had ZEBCO, MADE IN U.S.A. stamped into the front of the Mount. The reel has a lightweight graphite frame. 33 Spincast Fishing Reel Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel Spincast Fishing Reel Made In Usa Spincast Reel Black Bearing Spincast Zebco Omega One Spincast Spincast Reel Nice Zebco 733 Zebco 733 The Hawg Shakespeare Synergy Steel Daiwa Silvercast 33 Spincast Reels 33 Rhino Tough Zebco 33 Rhino Tough Synergy Steel Zebco 33 Spincast Reels Cast Spincast Spincast Fishing Reels Ball Bearing … It has a 3.6: 1 gear ratio and a quick set anti-reverse. This reel is finished in black and silver and has a left and right hand retrieve. line on it! With many features like a QuickSet™ anti-reverse, Bite Alert™ and a dial-adjustable drag. Find product support and replacement parts for your Zebco fishing gear. The Bottom View : This reel has 2 Tabs on the Mount that go up into the Reel Body and angle away from each other. The standard went into production on 13 May 1949 and lasted until 1954. This is a rather expensive device, so you should trust only the best when choosing. Go fishing next time with this new spincast Zebco reel. ZEBCO REPAIR PARTS, ZEBCO HANDLES,PUSH BUTTONS. Zebco Roam Black Spincast Reel, ComfortGrip Rod Handle, Instant Anti-Reverse Fishing Reel, Size 30, Model Number: ROAM3BK 4.2 out of 5 stars 94 $29.25 $ 29 . Sea bass meat is very tasty in any form: fried, grilled, in the oven, and in a soup. Zebco float reel. Consumer-approved smooth casting low memory formula now improved with even greater manageability. The reel is also equipped with right or left-hand retrieve. It features sturdy construction with forged aluminum and double anodized front cover. Zebco, a well-known name in the fishing industry, produces a complete line of spincast fishing reels. Today's Zebco 33 Authentic is still patterned after the original 33. I mainly catch only lubina-fish (sea bass, sea wolf). Zebco Parts. Developing its range, in 1959 the company introduced the first reel model, which was specially designed for young anglers. If you are looking to buy a fishing reel, you naturally want the best quality at an affordable price. Zebco 33 Parts; Rod Parts . The fishing line passes through a hole in the cover and attaches to a spool underneath. Here you choose one or more fishing techniques, whether spinning, bottom fishing, or even fly fishing, is probably the first and most important step when choosing a reel. This gear ratio is 2.6: 1 and 4 bearings. Fish easier and without loss with the ROAM series from Zebco. This is an archive list of all of the articles containing informational posts about all of the different series of reels that Zebco has made through the years. It’s also pre-wound with the Zebco Cajun line (10 lb). The reel features Instant anti-reverse clutch and built-in bite alert. However, this zebco fishing reel meets all of the above requirements. The company’s financial success is reflected in the fact that Zebco became the first fishing brand to be advertised on American television. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. of 4 lb. In 2011, Zebco Brands acquired Zebco Sports Europe, one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of fishing tackle in Europe. This is a heavy-duty reel that has 9 bearings and a 5.1: 1 gear ratio. The ocean and fishing have always attracted me. The products are developed by professional fishermen who practice fishing on the water every day. Line. You will be able to be fishing for a long time and your hands will not get tired of the heavy weight. Failed to subscribe, please contact admin. Zebco Curus Runner Reel Baitrunner ALL SIZES. So which is the best Zebco 33 spincast reel?Well as in most cases, that depends. Perfect for beginning fly anglers (or the budget-conscious). Fishing Reel Schematics Part Zebco 33 Classic 05 93 Pdf Download DOWNLOAD HERE. These push button reels made the backlash, the headache of the baitcast reel, mostly obsolete. If you love fishing with catfish, then this reel is what you need. Appropriately named Bullet - it‘s faster than all spincast reels. Fishing reel Schematics Part ZEBCO 33 CLASSIC 05 93 Have you got a broken Fishing Reel? For the past five years, I have been fishing only on beautiful sandy beaches. It is a lightweight reel weighing 6.2 oz. Penn came out with a surf spinning reel in 1961—the model 700, later refined to the 704 and 706. These reels are easy to use, reliable, well built and most of all catch fish. This is the 2001 Zebco Catalog, in high resolution. If you need to go deeper, the reel needs to have a lot of capacity. In 1949, the first such coil came off the assembly line of the enterprise. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. At the time, the company was producing electric bombs for oil drilling. £29.95. This catalog covers Zebco, Quantum and Martin reel parts. In 1953, the Zebco 33 spincast reel debuted. Our Top List 11 Picks Best Zebco Reels – Editor’s Choice. Here, products are manufactured under the constant supervision of world-renowned engineers. A good fishing reel is a line reserve and braking system in one. So look for “New for 2019” as you shop to find all our latest, greatest reels. Remember the catalogs were done to show the following years products not the year that the catalog was printed. The 1963 Zebco catalog included 5 Langley spinning reels : the 777 Spinner; the 822 Spin Flo; the 830 Spin Deluxe; the 860 Surflite, and the 870 Spinator. From "how-to" videos to helpful tips for kids, we make it easy to share your love for fishing. Appropriately named Bullet – it's our fastest spincast ever. In 1947, one of the company’s experts came up with the idea of making fishing reels that were designed to minimize backlash. 0 bids. Zebco is a worldwide brand that has won the trust of fishermen from all over the world. This is a high-quality reel at an incredibly low price. Posted on 3/30/17 at 5:59 PM Constantly expanding its assortment, the company introduced to the market more and more advanced reels, as well as rods and other fishing tackle. This video shows you how to change line on Zebco reel or a spincast fishing reel. Last year I live in Tenerife (Canary Islands) and I’m crazy passionate about fishing. The reel on the rod also makes it easier to play large fish When drilling with fish, the braking system plays a decisive role in the fight against fish. If you've got the basics down, we can show you how to take your fishing skills up a notch. This Zebco fishing reel features a design that is suitable for all types of fish and is easy to use for anglers of all skill levels. Zebco's all-new Spyn reels feature a continuous anti-reverse system, aluminum spool and super tough titanium-nitride plated bail wire and line roller. 5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, It offers high performance and patented no-tangle design. Zebco's all-new Spyn reels feature a continuous anti-reverse system, aluminum spool and super tough titanium-nitride plated bail wire and line roller. With easy-casting Zebco gear and a few tips, you'll be fishing like a pro in no time. Model 33. 2x Zebco cool reels. Our Top List 11 Picks Best Zebco Reels – Editor’s Choice, #2 Zebco ZO3 BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel – Amazon’s Choice, #4 Zebco 888 Spincast Reel with Switchable Bait Alert – Amazon’s Choice, #6 Zebco 33 Purple Authentic Spincast Reel – Amazon’s Choice, Important Points for Buying Zebco Fishing Reels, Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review 2021 Bass Pro, Best Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod 2021, Zebco 33MTKA, 04C, CP2 Zebco/ Quantum, 33 Micro, Triggerspin Reel, 4.3: 1 Retrieve Rate, Ambidextrous, One Size, Zebco ZO3,10,BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel, One Size, Zebco 202KBK CP 202 2.8:1 Prespooled Clam Spincast Reel, 10 lb, Zebco Spincast Reel (with Switchable Bait Alert), Multi-coloured, One Size (888H, 25, BX3), Zebco / Quantum, Roam Spincast Reel, 3.6:1 Gear Ratio, 19" Retrieve Rate, 3 Bearings, Ambidextrous, Clam Package, Black (ROAM3BK.CP3), Zebco 33 Spincast Fishing Reel, Quickset Anti-Reverse with Bite Alert, Smooth Dial-Adjustable Drag, Powerful All-Metal Gears with a Lightweight Graphite Frame, Pink, 30-Size (33KLA,10C,CP3), Zebco Big Cat XT Spincast Reel, Multi, One Size (BCXTSC-25-CP3), Zebco 404 Freshwater Spincast Reel, Freshwater, 2.8:1 Gear Ratio, 17" Retrieve Rate, Righht Hand, Boxed (404MBK.BX3), Zebco Roam 30SZ Black Spinning Reel 10LB Zebco Cajun Line (ROAMBK30.BX3). Pre-spooled with 4lb. High-quality material resists corrosion and rust. The silver color looks stylish and attractive. Supported by experienced anglers from different countries, product managers strive to develop new ideas and create new products that are fully verified by the company’s consultants. Zebco Fishing Reel ALR340. 33® Mirco Triggerspin Combo With our famous easy-casting Zebco 33® triggerspin paired with a durable Z-glass rod that's perfect for going after panfish, catfish and bass at your favorite spot. Model 808 & 888 All over the country, Zebco stores have drawn crowds of fishing enthusiasts. Clicking a link helps keep free, at no extra cost to you! screen.colorDepth:screen.pixelDepth))+";u"+escape(document.URL)+ ";"+Math.random()+ "' alt=''"+ "border='0' width='88' height='31'><\/a>"). £3.20. Whatever you love to do outdoors, a little fishing only adds to the adventure. Penn 722 used parts; Quantum Parts; Rapala Parts; Ross Fly Reel Parts; S/A Fly Reel Parts; Schematics - test; Shakespeare & Pflueger Parts; Shimano Parts . VTG ZEBCO CARDINAL 3 FISHING REEL ABU #810301 PRODUCT OF SWEDEN -BALE ARM STICKS The first popular American reels were in use by the 1820’s. The outstanding success of Zebco Europe GmbH is its continued efforts to adapt its products to consistently meet the needs of anglers. Model 800 & 802. The Zebco Bullet is now available as a combo. It is designed for catching this type of fish. You will be able to go fishing immediately with this reel. – it is all about fishing, equipment, reels, rods, fishing tips, fishing methods is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In order for this fishing device not to fail at the right time and to serve for many years, you should give preference to brands that have won trust in the market. Reels from Asia were not on the scene until the 1980s, although Daiwa and Shimano did make a few freshwater reels in 1966 and 1978, respectively. The following ABU Cardinal reels were sold by ZEBCO in the U.S. and Canada: Here is a pic of the different spools that were made by ABU for Zebco . The reel is equipped with all-metal gears and soft handle knob. Pick a topic below and we'll hook you up with everything you need to know. It depends on where you fish and what you are fishing for. The reel has 5 bearings that ensure smooth and reliable operation. It is difficult to find a quality fishing reel on the market today at a good price. It has 3 bearings for smooth extraction. The all-new Zebco Rod Caddy is the most innovative product in years for your 2-piece combo, providing 3 great benefits in one product. Pflueger brings us a 4-bearing spincast reel with a regal color … The reel is equipped with a changeable right- or left-hand retrieve. In my opinion, there is not much useful information on the Internet for beginners and experienced fishermen. You will receive a high-quality Zebco 33 Spincast reel spooled with 10-lb Cajun line. Updates and news about all categories will send to you. 25 However, from time to time it may be necessary to troubleshoot problems with a Zebco reel and make repairs. Model 76, 77, 88, 89, 99 & 101. Model 66. Zebco's all-new Spyn reels feature a continuous anti-reverse system, aluminum spool and super tough titanium-nitride plated bail wire and line roller. document.write("