You cannot earn it or pay for it. I call them scatterbrained Martha and single-minded Mary. He only asked that they put Him first and hold Him up high for the world to see His glory. 3. Give God our best treasure. is not of the Father, but is of the world. Let’s dive into what our “best” is supposed to look like! Learn more about NICL Online. Only by the grace of God. We give God leftovers by: 1. They offer a sacrifice of praise to God through the gift of their time, talent and treasure in service of God and neighbor, and in turn, God pours blessings out on them. Reach your full potential and be led by His Spirit. Because she put God first, He gave her a supernatural supply and turned her shortage into a surplus. ]]>, How to give God the best – not the leftovers, Stewardship Prayer (pray each day this month), Sign up for our free e-newsletter or manage your e-subscriptions. Thanks for the reminder that we need to give our firsts, not the leftovers. All glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was, is now, and will be forever! However, as the love fails, we begin to take the loved one for granted and give them only the leftovers of our love. That’s why we serve in various ministries. We need to give. So, for good spiritual fitness we must learn to give the best we have to God and others. Friend, are you pursuing after God? He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. And follow us on social media for exclusive news and stories from FAITH Magazine and the Diocese of Lansing. PRAYER: “Father, forgive me when I give more time to the world than Your Word” Only by the grace of God. God is never to get the leftovers. //-->