Have you ever experienced a midnight swim and run? Temperatures in Helsinki and other southern Finnish cities dangle slightly above freezing, so it might be a riddle to pack proper clothing. That is why Finns head to their cottages both winter and summer, and so should you! In the north, December brings the mystical Kaamos season. The best time to visit Finland’s oldest city is from the end of June to the end of August. Apr-Aug's melting snow exposes the beautiful landscape beneath, before an autumnal patchwork of burnt red, orange and yellow in Sep. Nov-Dec bring big snow and a community propelled by cross-country skis and snowshoes; look beyond the fly in, fly out Christmas crowds and there are brilliant festive trips to … One of the most unique and extravagant festivals to attend. To cheer yourself up during this gloomy period of short and cold days, spend some time in a traditional Finnish sauna, hit local bars, enjoy the silence of the low season, and hunt for Northern Lights. This is the perfect time of the year if you enjoy hiking, and especially if you are seeking a quieter ambience. Temperatures keep lowering, which is perfect for hiking in clean, crisp air. The spring season in Finland sees melting of winter snow and a hot sun. Not surprisingly, July is the country's warmest month and February is the coldest, and those two months are also the wettest and driest months, respectively.Â, The overall climate is not as cold as many visitors think. Snow & Ice Architecture. While Finns are used to dark Arctic winters, Midnight Sun is the complete opposite, as this natural phenomenon results in the sun remaining visible for almost 24 hours a day during peak summer months. Meet some of the rarest seals in the world—Saimaa ringed seal—at the largest lake in Finland, The great nature of Finland and its nothern location makes it home to lots of unique bird species, Taste something new from traditional Finnish cuisine, A fun way to find out more about your own body, nature, and health, Check out the beautiful nature and numerous waterways that welcome paddlers to enjoy long summer days in Finland, The largest and most famous celebration of winter sports in Kuopio, Finland's diverse and unique nature welcomes everyone to explore its beauty, Come and enjoy this tasty and simple food that gives so much happiness to the locals. ReddIt. Helsinki Design Week spans two weeks in early September and features fashion designers, furniture designers, architects, and other creatives displaying their collections for the coming season. Day and night temperatures in Rovaniemi are also gradually increasing, yet, the above-freezing day is a rare occasion. You can visit Santa in Lapland and cross the magical Arctic Circle at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, where you'll find Santa's reindeer and can even go for a reindeer sleigh ride. This is a huge open air celebration of music of all kinds. May is a beautiful time in Southern and Middle Finland. It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. The month of July is generally the most pleasant time of year in Finland. While other countries slow in winter, Finland thrives. The weather and climate of Finland is suitable for a winter sports.. Formerly held in August, the marathon draws more than 6,000 runners each year. Finns embrace the contrast between the two seasons, and in summer, public places come alive and everyone stays out late. Love everything fresh and seasonal? May 28th to September 23rd. Share. The best time to visit Finland would be a time when you can completely soak in the experience and not worry about such hassles. Weather in southern destinations, including Helsinki and Turku, is generally sightseeing-friendly, but be ready for a rainy day and pack some warmer clothes as nights get chilly. Contrary to what many travelers believe, Finland's climate is quite diverse and varied throughout the year. The best time to visit Finland depends on what you're wishing to do as the winter season from December through to April is ideal for dog sledding and winter sports (Feb and Mar best time to go for daylight) whereas the arrival of the spring in May sees the sun making a welcoming return prior to the long hot summer days from June to August. Inside the monolithic ice sculpture, guests will discover a chapel, restaurant, and hotel, complete with ice tables, rooms, a bar, beds, and reindeer fur seat covers. While temperatures in the winter months rarely climb over 30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 1 degree Celsius), the chance to see the Northern Lights also makes this a great time to visit Finland. Try one of the most traditional dishes that can be found in every Finnish restaurant, every Thursday! Linkedin. It's a pricey time of year, but Christmas in Finland, packed with snow and local events, is a great experience. Warmer temperatures can be found in southwestern Finland, especially the country's islands situated in the Baltic Sea. At this time of year, conditions for Polar Lights observation are excellent as solar activity levels are high, and nights are relatively warm. The summer months of June to August are the best time to travel in Finland. Helsinki and Turku experience temperatures a few degrees lower than in January, below freezing. Snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice-fishing, and snowshoeing are there for you. When is the best time to go to Finland? The celebration is also sometimes called Walpurgis Night. What's the Weather Really Like in Canada? A deep dive under the ice in cold, dark waters is an absolutely thrilling experience and not for the faint of heart! September brings a sweet farewell to long summer days. In Helsinki, average highs give a chance to wear a light jacket. While March can be chilly with temperatures hovering around 35 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius), by May, temperatures are regularly in the mid-50s. based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). In Helsinki, August temperatures are slightly lower than in July, and the city receives a higher number of rainy days with occasional thunderstorms. Temperatures in urban destinations like Helsinki and Turku tend to hover slightly below freezing, so warm winter coat, hat, and gloves will be your best friends. Temperatures in this coastal city range from -8°C in winter to 22°C in summer. And December is the time to meet Santa in his village! The festival includes performances by Sinfonia Lahti, the city's famous symphony orchestra. Daily temperatures in Rovaniemi crawl up well above freezing. Last updated: Dec 09, 2019. Daily temperatures across the country range roughly between 10°C (50°F) and 20°C (70°F). Best time: early November–March (open all year), August 18–20, 2021 (World Final: August 20, 2021). The coldest days usually occur in late January. On the other hand, northern places like Rovaniemi receive only nine days of precipitation in June compared to 14 rainy days in Helsinki. The number of days with precipitation reaches its peak of about 12–18 days a month. Best time to visit Finland. Although the climate varies throughout the year, all seasons in this mystical country have something to offer visitors. Spring in Finland is short and often overlooked as so many travelers flock to the country during the summer months. Northern territories enjoy the sun 24/7, while in southern regions, the sun sets below the horizon only for a few hours to rise again soon. When is the best time to visit Finland? Stay in the Glass Igloo . As days are getting longer, it’s the perfect time for winter outdoor activities in the wild. October and November in particular see a drop in visiting travellers, meaning any crowds are smaller. Best Time to Visit Finland. The magic sky hues of blue in the north and red in the south are mesmerizing. To sum everything up, the best time to visit Finland to see the Northern Lights is from October to April, but for the snow and little warmer weather the ideal time is probably March. Reindeer Migration. By. In the south, everything starts melting, leaving the landscape gloomy and grey, which isn’t that appealing without the snow and the green. Print (c) 12019. Concerts are held in a medieval abbey and other venues along the archipelago. The magic snowy period from December through March is the best time to visit Finland. Enjoy perfect snow and wind conditions for a great snowkiting getaway! The best time to visit Finland’s national parks. In February, nature is dressed in magical snow apparel; the air is dry and crisp. Moreover, northern regions of Finland enjoy Midnight Sun, also known as a polar day when the sun doesn’t set. It's one of the country's largest holidays and brings residents to the street for days of partying. Northern Lights. The best months to go to Helsinki are Northern Lights are another perk of the freezing winter season in Lapland. Experience one of the best night stays in a stunning glass igloo and enjoy the beauty of nature, especially the Northern Lights. Finns take their summer vacations in July, which means higher prices, some business closures, and the need for advance reservations. The Best Time to Visit Helsinki, Finland for Weather, Safety, & Tourism. 45+ years of expertise and experience to make your trip to Finland a success. Facebook. Up north, snow melts in May, but ice still covers the lakes until June. It is a fabulous month to visit both the south and the north of Finland. Contrary to what many travelers believe, Finland's climate is quite diverse and varied... Key Events and Festivals. Places like Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, do not experience polar night, but the sun barely rises above the horizon in mid-winter, so in half of the country it is a twilight season. This gives more chances to witness the enchanting Aurora Borealis or Polar Lights. The town, located by the Bothnian Bay, is known for the huge snow castle known as Lumilinna that has been erected there every year since 1996. Twitter. It tends to be dark and wet, and the ground is usually covered with sleet. There are a few things that could cheer you up and make your visit to Finland in October brighter. To decide for yourself, read on. January. Take a cruise through the endless frozen sea on the icebreaker and try a dip in the frigid waters, Whether you are a kid or an adult, Santa's warm and inviting hut is a perfect place to believe in wonders once again, Enjoy the magical Finnish winter in the place from a fairytale with snowy spruces, If you like snow and dogs and you are not afraid of frost, then this one is for you. Vappu, Finland's version of International Worker's Day, is held on May 1. As a result, you'll find larger crowds at popular destinations across the country from June to August and over the last week of December and the first week of January. Winters are long and cold and the country's northern reaches might have snow on the ground for nearly half of the year. Make sure to bring warm clothes like a proper winter coat, waterproof winter shoes, warm gloves, a scarf, and a hat to survive the Nordic winter. But it is also much more crowded with significantly higher prices. The annual Sibelius Festival takes place each year in September and serves to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Jean Sibelius. If you are a fishing fan and want to try something new, come and enjoy ice fishing among Finland's vast peaceful scenery. The ground is covered with snow for over half the year in Lapland. Before 1316, the summer solstice was called Ukon juhla, after the Finnish god Ukko.Â. Here's some information to help you in your decision: 1. Lapland welcomes the beginning of winter with a thick snow cover and temperatures below freezing. Still, the best times to visit Finland are the months of May through September, as these offer the mildest weather and the greatest number of tourist attractions. Best Time To Visit Helsinki Helsinki is undoubtedly quite cold almost throughout the year so be warned and carry at least some winterwear even while travelling in Summer especially if you are coming from a … Helsinki. In Finland, the weather is at least tolerable in July and August 2. Days are short and gloomy. Lapland typically has a twice-thicker snow carpet than the southern regions. The average climate figure for Finland is an 6,7. The Best Time to Visit Finland The Varying Weather in Finland. Thanks to fewer days with precipitation and solar activity, March is one of the best months to spot Northern Lights in Finland. Southern and Middle Finland receive a proper snow cover. Autumn foliage wraps forests of Lapland, so heading north for trekking is a popular pattern. The sun goes down for only a few hours and then rises soon again. The positive side of Finnish winter is that indoor spaces are well-heated so that you can rest well after outdoor activities in the cold. The air is generally dry and crisp, so event extreme winter temperatures do not feel so bad. The snow cover is still thick up north, so if you want to catch the last chance of pure winter magic with snow and magic Northern Lights in Lapland, March is your best bet. Finland's capital, Helsinki, has four distinct seasons. This unique annual celebration showcases unique art to everyone. When winter lasts for so long, people make it a bit more exciting with the help of imagination.