From partners at work, to one another's player two, and even each other's prom date, it became clear to Five that no other woman could ever hope to take Miko's place. A subreddit dedicated to Netflix/Nickelodeon's Glitch Techs, created by Eric Robles and Dan Milano. Sort by: Hot . but then you find out they’re no longer active. So they decide to talk out their mutual awkwardness, but before they can Phil sends them on a mission to capture a mapper glitch from Hinobi Date 2. #glitch techs #op #put a sock in it dwen #zahra #zahra glitch techs. Dialogbuch: Jan Fabian Krüger. cartoon-hell. 1,893 notes. And because it would ruin the story, they think that the other doesn't love them. Stuffed | Claire x Edgar Short (18+) by MelieConieK. A new figure appears in town and Miko and Five ge