Here is our recommendation

No Hotel Distance to conference venue Price Forecasts
Weekdays Weekend
1 The Palais Dago Hotel 950 m IDR 550k IDR 550k
2 Patra Jasa Badung 1.1 km IDR 660k IDR 660k
3 Geulis Boutique Hotel 400 m IDR 950k IDR 950k
4 Amaris Hotel Cihampelas 2.5 km IDR 670k IDR 670k
5 House Sangkuriang Bandung 1 km IDR 500k IDR 500k
6 Beehive Hotel 200 m IDR 520k IDR 650k
7 Sensa Hotel Bandung 1 km IDR 1000k IDR 1000k
8 Sheraton Bandung Hotel and Towers 2.6 km IDR 1335k IDR 1335k
9 Tune Hotel Bandung 850 m IDR 468k IDR 468k
10 Harris Hotel Ciumbuleuit 2.1 km IDR 650k IDR 650k

The organizer is able to make a book for all participants. Please contact us via email with subject “Accommodation”