Abstract and Paper Submission

Abstract Submission

Extended abstracts should not be longer than 2 pages.
Abstract submission deadline is June 30th, 2017
Prepare your abstract in Latex format by using this template: Abstract-ICREM2017.zip

To submit your abstract click this link: EasyChair


Paper Submissions

You have to choose either JIMS, EJGTA, or JMFS to submit your full paper to. Please declare/mention it in your email.

If you submit your full paper to Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society (JIMS, http://www.jims-a.org/), use this JIMS-ICREM2017-paper template. The committee of ICREM2017 will forward all papers that are submitted to JIMS to the Editor in Chief of JIMS. These submitted papers will be refereed according to the standard of the journal and published in normal editions.

If you submit your full paper to Electronic Journal of Graph Theory an Applications (EJGTA, http://www.ejgta.org/), use this EJGTA-ICREM2017-paper template.

If you submit your full paper to Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences (JMFS, http://www.journals.itb.ac.id/), use this JMFS-ICREM2017-paper template.

Submit your full paper (in Tex and Pdf) as well as the picture files (if any) to: icrem2017@gmail.com and cc to: u.mukhaiyar@gmail.com

All submitted manuscripts will be refereed to keep the standard quality of scientific contribution according to JIMS, EJGTA, or JMFS.

Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) 2010

Use PACS 2010 in your paper.