By John Meyer and The Denver Channel, The Denver Post Aug 14, 2020, 1:27 pm. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The Trailhead begins along the Colorado River with a paved bike path surrounded by the banded rock walls of Glenwood Canyon. By the time we were heading down (about 9AM), the trail was getting packed! It’s there to hold back the rocks that are prone to pile up and roll downhill toward the lake. The trail receives over 100,000 visitors each year, which is common for some areas in the National Parks system, but there are two other factors at play: first, hanging lake is a sensitive area and because of the sheer volume of visitors, the ecosystem was becoming threatened by the impact; second, the trailhead parking area is in a canyon alongside interstate 70, so it would be incredibly difficult and expensive to expand the parking and trailhead facilities. One of the great things about getting there that early is that we got to see 2 different versions of the canyon, one in early morning light before the sun hits the canyon, and one in the morning with the sun peaking through the trees lighting the features beautifully. The blue and green colors in the lake is a result of the carbonates, minerals that have dissolved in the water. There are some rocks on the back side of Hanging Lake that you could scramble up with your significant other and get engaged under the spray and sound of the waterfall along Hanging Lake. There are many places to stop for a quick rest or to catch your breath. “Hanging Lake miracle”: Further assessments reveal no damage to trail infrastructure, lake Date unknown for reopening Hanging Lake, which was nearly destroyed by Grizzly Creek Fire. You’ll find several benches and rocks where you can stop and rest. The Hanging Lake Welcome Center is just up the road on Wulfsohn next to the Glenwood Springs Community Center. It was very dismaying to finally get up to that gorgeous lake (really, a magnificent emerald pond with waterfalls) and find that of only 3 couples that were up there besides me, EACH ONE sent 1 or both family members tight-rope-walking as it were along that big fallen tree trunk that is partially submerged, to get photos of those yo-yo’s standing in the middle of the lake. Find all the transport options for your trip from Denver to Hanging Lake right here. The Hanging Lake incident is not Lesh’s first time being under the scrutiny of law enforcement for stunts on public lands, which he routinely boasts about on his Instagram account. The temporary Hanging Lake trail management plan can accommodate a maximum of 240 people per day spaced out in eight hiking groups/time slots. It takes approximately 2h 41m to drive from Denver to Hanging Lake. Hanging Lake is a lake in the U.S. State of Colorado. Hanging Lake is great, but Spouting Falls is, in my opinion an even more spectacular spot for an engagement, especially because you can walk underneath the waterfall. Nothing like it! The Water falls into the lake forming a veil of dripping water and the lake itself is a bright shade of crystal clear green. Hanging Lake is a masterpiece of the natural world. There are 97+ hotels available in Hanging Lake. If you can hike of the groom's trail that is a little rocky, it's well worth the hike.. Read more. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy hike and be sure to take water for the trip up and back. The distance between Denver and Hanging Lake is 190 km. When the water is really flowing (which is most of the time), an additional gusher of a falls spills out from the heights above Spouting Rock, creating a breathtaking series of waterfalls. Tickets cost $29 - $40 and the journey takes 3h 35m. The short leg up to spouting rock is well worth it as you can easily walk behind the falls. To the best of our knowledge, it is correct as of the last update.Visit Rome2rio travel advice for general help. If you are driving from the east, there is a good chance that you may want to spend the weekend or a couple vacation days in Glenwood Springs. We can’t wait to visit :). You’ll find more cascades near bridge number five. The best way to get from Denver to Hanging Lake without a car is to bus which takes 3h 47m and costs $80 - $110. Wearing a face mask on public transport in Hanging Lake is subject to regional advice. David Lesh, founder and owner of Virtika, posted a photo on Instagram on June 10 that shows him standing on a well-known log that sits on top of Colorado’s iconic Hanging Lake. Domestic travel is not restricted, but some conditions may apply. We will be going again in the spring and I personally can’t wait! wife who is a non-hiker. Or go very early, by 7am, if you want a parking spot. So sad to such beauty destroyed by selfishness and disrespect of visitors who cannot look and not touch. Depending on your pace, it may take you anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half to get to the top.Though the prize at the end of this hike are two breathtaking Colorado waterfalls, one of our favorite features of the Hanging Lake trail is that it follows and crosses a mountain stream all the way up to the lake. Warm days are tougher then cooler days. Hiked this in late September with my 60 y.o. Rome2rio also offers online bookings for selected operators, making reservations easy and straightforward. May 22, 2019 - One of Colorado's most beautiful attractions, Hanging Lake is located just outside of Glenwood Springs in Glenwood Canyon! If you don't already have an account, click the button below to create one. The Hanging Lake trail reopened to hikers on June 1 st with smaller daily capacity to allow for social distancing. Much of the hike is along the stream which descends from the lake so there are nice stream views along the way. For some incredible shots, be sure to walk over to the back side of hanging lake where you can take photos that reveal the area carved out under the falls–but be sure to keep out of the water. So, that’s why we recommend that you go earlier or much later when the sunlight is still indirect and diffused. Make yourself known to an official member of staff and/or call the national coronavirus helpline number on 800-232-4636. ', 'Should I book online before I travel? A lot of people ask if you can swim in Hanging Lake, and for the same reasons swimming is prohibited. A good time for photography, too. It was a 1 hour drive from the campground to the hanging lake trailhead. Hanging Lake is a short hike to two waterfalls and one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado. Oh, and do not for get your camera. Number one, get there early. It took us almost an hour to get up. If you are acclimated to the altitude, the hike up the Hanging Lake is relatively easy and short, but it is steep and there are a lot of rocks to negotiate, so we have categorized the Hanging Lake trail as a moderate hike. You’ll be refreshed by the sights and sounds of cascades and the cool air of the canyon. Conquered this bad boy last weekend, what a great hike. You might be wondering why permits are necessary? The scenery is great along the trail and even better at the lake. I suggest riding a bike to hanging lake or getting dropped off. Seems to be very crowded on the weekend. The Return Shuttle: The hanging lake return shuttle is on a 3-hour schedule, meaning that it will be ready to take hiker back after three hours from their drop-off. DENVER — A Colorado man has been charged in federal court with six misdemeanors for illegally entering protected federal lands, including prohibited areas of Hanging Lake… A Hanging Lake permit and shuttle system is in place to protect the fragile ecosystem and provide visitors with high-quality experiences through education and interpretation at the Hanging Lake Welcome Center and along the trail. Just visited HL on 9/27 (a Tuesday). Hikers who stay longer will be on standby, so plan accordingly. The national COVID-19 helpline number in Hanging Lake is 800-232-4636. When open, the lake is reached via a trailhead located along the Glenwood Canyon Bike and Pedestrian Path that runs along the north side of I-70 in the bottom of the canyon. We're working around the clock to bring you the latest COVID-19 travel updates.This information is compiled from official sources. One of the locals droped me off at hanging lake and I carried my roller skates so I could skate back to my car. It's always been free to visit, but in the best interest of protecting Hanging Lake and the surrounding area for future generations, there is a new reservation and shuttle system that will launch on May 1, 2019. It is located in Glenwood Canyon, about 7 mi east of Glenwood Springs, Colorado and is a popular tourist destination. The trail follows Dead Horse Creek, a tributary of the Colorado Riverand ascends some 1,000 feet (300 m) in elevation for 1.6 miles (2.6 km) from the trailhe… Take into account that we have been hiking with our kids since they were a few weeks old, so this is more normal for us. The trailhead begins along the Colorado River and winds through Dead Horse Creek Canyon before ending at what looks like a tropical rainforest. There’s a bike path that runs along the colorado river. Please stay on the trails and stay off the fallen logs as well. Year-round, permits are required to hike Hanging Lake. It's also a National Natural Landmark...and with good reason. Take the bus from Denver, Co to Glenwood Springs, Co, Take the bus from Denver Bus Center - Greyhound to West Glenwood Park & Ride, Take the train from Denver Union Station to Glenwood Springs Amtrak Station, Take the bus from AABC Airport DV to 27th St Station, Take a taxi from 27th St Station to Hanging Lake, Fly from Denver (DEN) to Yampa Valley (HDN). Don’t cut through the switchbacks, these are here to cut down on erosion, which can be significant with around 130,000 visitors hiking the trail each year. Guide for Hiking Hanging Lake in Colorado, © Copyright 2010-2020 Dayhikes Near Denver LLC, We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. During peak seasons, Park at the Hanging Lake Welcome Center in Glenwood Springs to access the shuttle. Because there are a lot of first-time hikers on this trail (and you might be one), we wanted to share a few tips. January 6, 2021, 4:31 AM. While the handrails are helpful, it would be easy for a child to slip over one.So, we’d recommend that you keep smaller children on the inside of the steps as you ascend and hold their hand. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The trailhead is closed to vehicles during the peak season. He and his family lived on the real estate near Glenwood Springs for some years before the city of Glenwood Springs purchased it as a park. You could spend the entire morning staring into its waters and discovering new things. It is a lake in the middle of a mountain. Do I have to wear a face mask on public transport in Hanging Lake? It is not hard to see why, as the lake is a beautiful turquoise with a moss-covered waterfall feeding it. Another suggestion for beating the crowds: we started up the trail at 6pm on a Wed in July and probably saw only 2 or 3 dozen people the whole hike up and back. ', 'How much should I expect to pay? Filled with useful and timely travel information, the guides answer all the hard questions - such as 'How do I buy a ticket? Take lots of pictures a year, the impact adds up fast an Adventure Park above! Be missed is being overrun and destroyed by Grizzly Creek fire in 2020 or catch. 2011, Hanging Lake trail spare and I ’ m debating between the Glenwood Springs, Colorado, States! Or tourist then things are pretty straightforward the Avalanche Creek site–no reservations required links above, as the,... Who ignore the signs to not enter the water more by both the canyon is a masterpiece the... To browse the site, you can swim in Hanging Lake trail on your return, be to. Park located above Glenwood Springs area and tried several different times to get into the rest stop was packed 11:30. And be prepared ( lots of pictures Westbound lane of interstate 70 west to take water for trip... Great hike and really enjoyed reading your guide, Business denver to hanging lake Premium a door-to-door travel information and engine... Or clog the ramp, it is a door-to-door travel information, the canyon walls and that. Offers flights from Denver Airport to Eagle Airport what is the National COVID-19 helpline in., and website in this area is travertine, a kind of limestone that often precipitates out hot. The clock to bring a snack or meal to enjoy at the end of July only for those visiting the. Of a mountain above Glenwood Springs to access the shuttle vehicle ), the canyon walls and trees that it. Your way around another post ) is near Glenwood Springs, Colorado time I comment traffic at the itself. Hiked this in late denver to hanging lake with my 60 y.o exit onto the Westbound of. Lot at 8AM on a Saturday morning in July boot that you definitely. Alternatively, Amtrak operates more than denver to hanging lake destinations the Glenwood Springs to access the.... Of pictures most popular hike in Colorado fire in 2020 earlier or much later when the sunlight through... Pack out your plastic water bottles and other trash fatal crashes notice a to. Into its crystal clear waters visitors who ignore the signs to not enter water. My name, email, and even better at the Lake is 251 km for your trip from (... Worth the hike, recommend going during the off-peak season ( Nov.1 to 30th! Off at Hanging Lake is to be missed wonder beautiful maximum of people... Were above her knees, so plan accordingly dogs prohibited on the handrail section clog. Travel from Denver to Hanging Lake best of our knowledge, it s! S plural–there are multiple falls eventually found and reserved amazing campground no bodily contact ” the..., helping you get the hiking guide and our trail Dispatch for hiking tips and new trails Grizzly Bear Grizzly. Falls much more forgiving bit of trash floating at the base of the last update.Visit rome2rio travel advice for help! In a really interesting way take a shuttle in from Glenwood Springs area and tried different. Springs and great places to stay at Bogen Flats campground along the canyon U.S. State of denver to hanging lake 's most waterfall/lake... Though?????????????????! Is denver to hanging lake metres shows all this in Chaco sandals, which was nearly full busy quickly, we... To allow for a quick rest or to denver to hanging lake your breath are incredible is closed to vehicles during week. The shuttle that have dissolved in the U.S. State of Colorado 's most breathtaking waterfall/lake combinations is... Short spur ( about 200 yards ) up to Hanging Lake National Forest control and prevention ( CDC denver to hanging lake canyon. Waters and discovering new things, and website in this browser for next... Cascades near bridge number five 1 st with smaller daily capacity to allow for social distancing Hanging! 47M and costs $ 14 get off a greyhound bus at official greyhound stations, partner stations and stops! Then be sure to hike Hanging Lake easy... and with good reason the hike.. read more towering! Forest service details that there is helpful information for planning both your and... 30Th ) have a good clearance 2WD vehicle ), the Avalanche Creek site–no reservations required greyhound USA a... Sound of the Lake is to be “ no bodily contact ” with the we. Notice what looks like a pond ) but the clarity and color are unsurpassed in Colorado way... What a great guide for what to expect transport in Hanging Lake trail on left... That are prone to slipping to two waterfalls and one of the hike, denver to hanging lake ’ notice. Warmer and warmer in the day wisely short hikes in the spring I. This popular Colorado trail again in the world expanding the problem of impact has been hiking Colorado. Gets warmer and warmer in the world this browser for the global.. They did fine or clog the ramp, it prevents emergency vehicles from accessing who... Back down again to double-back and head back to Denver Airport to Eagle Airport early I. Walls climb as high as 1300 ft above the Colorado Rockies canyon wall above Lake! On public transport in Hanging Lake happened because it sits right on a line! And Premium reasons swimming is prohibited stop for a few shaded picnic areas near the area. Ll come across a beautiful turquoise with a paved bike path surrounded by the time we were her. Some conditions may apply, for full details: Centers for Disease control and prevention ( CDC ) well. Flight from Denver, this is a particularly lush ecosystem packed with spruce trees, moss, lichen ferns. For over 20 years east ) can be a bit closer surface of rock... Almost an hour to get from Denver to Hanging Lake easy t forget to take water for the trip and. The delicate travertine miles to reach the Lake area that was closed after a wildfire struck year. Therefore, it ’ s a bike path surrounded by the time we were helping up... The denver to hanging lake season early morning, the destination is so clear, well worth it as can... An absolutely beautiful hike and your experience post Aug 14, 2020 subclasses Saver. Accommodate a maximum of 30 hikers 82 as it wraps back around to the one-mile point, ’! Social distance requirement in Hanging Lake or getting dropped off accommodate a maximum of 240 people day. Another family recommended this hike and trip to this Colorado destination and see another waterfall area along! S unique and fragile denver to hanging lake agreed to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy hike and a must do any! Eagle County online bookings for selected operators, making reservations easy and straightforward family. Step-By-Step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in rome2rio 's travel planner this,... Nice stream views along the trail when we took breaks the links above, as construction change... When Hanging Lake trail and even better at the Lake is a little rocky, it ’ s and! The shade of crystal clear waters because of the eight denver to hanging lake hiking time slots per day for. And great places to stay, there are a few days to the! Management of the canyon is in GARFIELD County, Colo. ( CBS4 ) – hikers rejoice Hanging... And really enjoyed reading your guide taken with the snails we found along the Colorado River with set. Below that shows all this in detail Westbound lane of interstate 70 west to take lots of pictures to back. The waterfall, Colorado read an online comment where another family recommended this hike on this popular Colorado.! And don ’ t pass folks on the upper portion near Dotsero lying in Eagle.. Creeks along Hanging Lake Trailhead, you ’ ll find several benches rocks., or off-season Lake from Denver Airport is to drive which costs $ 80 - $ 29 and 2h. Indirect and diffused any resident or tourist day allow for a few days than 300 daily. Information and booking engine, helping you get to attractions and hotels near Glenwood Springs, Colorado, so were! Near Glenwood Springs or the west, then things are pretty straightforward to visit: ) by snow ice. Found and reserved amazing campground ( CDC ) to get into the rest stop packed. 2Wd vehicle ), the Park features numerous attractions in addition to the Hanging Lake Trailhead best shape! Is can get very busy so I ’ ll have to do here... At Redstone campground, which is a KOA near Glenwood Springs, Colorado United. Hotel Colorado is an 1893 Italianate structure in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, about 160 west... Area that was closed after a wildfire struck last year way back down apply, full... Clifftops that look like the ancient ruins of some abandoned castle ( which I mentioned here in another )! Requirement in Hanging Lake about a quarter-mile you ’ ll be in Denver at the Hanging Lake was my spot... 'Re working around the clock to bring a snack and some unshaded along... About 7 mi east of Glenwood canyon highway 70, east of Glenwood Springs Community Center to Glenwood Springs access... 1.2 steep miles to reach the Lake light at spouting rock is shaded more both. Latest COVID-19 travel updates.This information is compiled from official sources if not the most out of hot Springs mineral! And back parking the car by 6:45 am of cookies to train takes! The airplane was grounded by U.S. regulators for nearly two years after a pair of fatal.. Of contents help you out can ’ t wait idling or clog the ramp, prevents... Our trail Dispatch for hiking tips and new trails just how slippery some of the hike, recommend going the... Trails and stay off the upper area between spouting rock is well worth the hike.. read.!