The crown looks good. Thanks for this excellent post and review. I don’t usually clean a airgun barrel unless it goes south on me. Michael : $29.00: Sale: $22.00: MK1-2 Air Arms TX-HC Rear Thick Spacer. Gary Goudy was indeed the stockmaker who designed the R1's original stock, as well as the R10 and I think the R8 as well. It’s a new one and not an older one. Bout a year ago now, if I remember correctly. the Beeman r1 / hw 80 is tough as nails.. it will tire you out carrying it all day. Assuming the pellet flies the same path every shot (not really but ok for this test) that would make the site line the only variable so a linear relationship should apply. It sounds like a 30-06 is not nearly enough for a wild boar. tripleguy. The R1 trigger is superior to the Marauder trigger, but the Marauder trigger is a good one. Anyone have any feedback either way with an R1 in .177? As for group size, 10 is best. Yes, I said I sold the rifle. Beeman R9/Weihrauch HW95 Inner Sleeve. Mr Goudy acknowledged designing the original R1 stock and two custom rifles for Mr Beeman and his wife, and perhaps a third one. Plus its kind of a way to personalize the gun the way you want it. Yea it was more trying to stay top of the clumps of dry ground but when the chase was on it was go thru what you was in the way to get to the hog and it most always was water and mud to get to them so yea not a fun hunt by any means but then if you have ever tasted wild boar then you would know it is worth the effort. Duskwight Welcome, Guest ... Beeman R1 Beeman R9 Beeman R7 Weihrauch HW30S Deluxe Weihrauch HW95 Luxus Crosman Vigilante Walther PPK Beretta 92 .177 Benjamin 2260 FWB 300s RWS Diana K98 .177 Webley MK VI Pellet Revolver Umarex Trevox. Hi Folks, After hearing and reading of the new Vortek tune I you remember on my scope vise test: with the TX. I will keep that in mind when I finish playing with my marauder. Which would you say has more power and long distance shooting ability? 31 / 34 Mauser K98; 48 / 52 / 54; Remington; SMK. did 26mm (just over an inch) in 25 yds. Not an easy stuff, but already done and transferred to production. Them puppies put out the heat. Ok for the vertical measurements I obtained the following: Pellet vertical distance from target center inches it was the fastest sp[ring air rifle around. Bryan holds the first R1 he tuned. The expert and numerous facets of this tune are impressive, to say the least. Yep my kids too. He had so much black lube inside the cylinder. I still remember the R1 debut in the Beeman catalog! and 0.5″ @ 40yds,..?????? Tom, I am happy for you and your newly tuned R1! That sounds like a good combination too. It was a mess. 22 sold. Maybe a person should just shoot what they have and see if the gun performs good enough for their standards. I wanted the smoothest tune Bryan Enoch could give me. Tested velocities were a shade less than I expected, roughly 15-25 feet per second slower than the Straight Shooters "our take" test rifle. I’ve only been shooting it at my 10m basement range so far, but I have like the clarity. WEIHRAUCH BEEMAN HW80 R1 SHORT STROKE KIT PISTON SEAL AIR RIFLE GUN .22 .177. A sort of hydraulic cylinder blank – which, in fact, it is. WEIHRAUCH BEEMAN 30MM PARACHUTE PISTON SEAL WASHER ECO HW 35 80 90 R1 AIR RIFLE. schematics of the Rekord trigger (same as p. 116 of Gaylord's The Beeman R1 Supermagnum Air Rifle) and explanation of cleaning and lubing the trigger. I was wandering if you thought that this gun was worth having it totally gone over. NORICA BEEMAN SEAL KIT PISTON + BREECH MOD 56 TITAN DRAGON DREAM HUNTER .22 .177. buy weihrauch beeman hw80 hw35 r1 short stroke tune kit piston seal air rifle gun from only $29.71 weihrauch beeman hw80 hw35 r1 short stroke seal30mm weihrauch 12mm short stroke seal suitable for weihrauch and beeman models using a 30mm piston sealreduces lock time and improves accuracyespecially beneficial to reduced power models with weaker springscomplete unit no extra … If B.B., is anywhere near as satisfied with his tune as I was to get my Garand fixed, it will be well worth it. Did the TX come with buttoned pistons at one time? The focus and parallax were consistent with the distance shown on the 80 mm side wheel when focused at 50 yards and minimum parallax, at least as best I could see. Toggle navigation Psychiatric Consultants & Therapists Providing Confidential Professional Help (414) 224-3737 My UTG 2-16 scope is on a Benjamin Trail NP 1st generation. If you don’t know the rifle from my book, then perhaps you read about it in the 13-part report I did back in 2006. Yep, I just can’t justify the dollars of the high end scopes, I guess that is why I have a box of cheap ones in the shed. I had a tin of crosman pointed hunting pellets when I first shot the gun. maybe some one in the form can measure the one in a kit if they have one. When it was about 20 years old the original spring had lost a lot of its power, so I … How does someone contact you to discuss? The forward spring guide is shorter and fits inside the piston. Crank. Welcome, Guest. This is what Bryan put into the R1. $200.00 to $400.00 - apply Price filter. $145. By the way, your comment of,…”my rifle is not picky about pellets,…it does not like any of them”,….was a true gem! It is smaller and lighter than its stablemate the R1, but still manages to pack some significant punch. So, the capacity limit prevents prevent abuses like this. That spiral you see is not caused by a lack of rifling. Yes, your rifle is worth a rebuild. Though.. when I cut barrels I do crowns over and over till they are to my liking, 5+ hours usually. GF1 42 items found from eBay international sellers. It was nice when I got it but reworked it to be even better and adjusted to a nice let off. The cocking smoothness has to be experienced first-hand to be appreciated. Wish I had time for a longer comment. . Rws 350 Magnum Tune Kit rebuild kits and parts to fit in trucks built. Anyway I think it does show at least for this scope the non-shooting test provides a good indicator of how it will perform in actual shooting. Then I tuned the rifle to cock easier and shoot slower. The rifle now cocks butter-smooth,  yet the barrel remains wherever I put it after the rifle has been cocked. Yep that ole Gunfun1 can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Almost gone. C $37.75. Logged Howie1a CURRENT HERD ,, Baikal pistol M53 in 177 ,,crossman pistol 357 -177cal. Free shipping. $145. All I achieved was a bunch of recoil, a broken scope, and less power than the softer kit you sell. That 46 I got was shooting funny and the guy said he put new seals in it. From Australia. Jim M £8.73 . Bryan calls them escutcheons. Some parts may be already together in sub-assemblies. Thanks! At least with that scope. 7 x 65 mm R. With it I also bought a leapers accushot 3-9x50 illuminated reticle scope. I am soooooooo envious! I attended the Malvern airgun show this year and chanced to shoot a Beeman R10 that was lying on the table behind me. Weihrauch HW30/Beeman R7 Fixing Screw . We cut the tail off the stingray and I had to go to the hospital to have it removed since their tails have a similar setups as a arrow with barbs so that it will penetrate very easy but you don’t dare try to pull it back out as it will rip flesh out and not come out easily. HW80- Beeman R1-SST. 10,54 EUR. David Beeman R9/Weihrauch HW95 Inner Sleeve. If you want an R1, get one. C $15.25. If you need to repair or upgrade your Beeman or Weihrauch air gun, you'll find what you need at Airgun Warehouse. When he examined the cocking shoe that connects the cocking link to the piston, he found it was cracked. The tube was meant to have precise inner diameter, honed inner surface and thick walls. And sorry but that’s just the way I am. Got a new Hawke Sport Optics 4-12×50 AO scope coming for the 34P later this week. It should have been “The Old Man and the Sea…and his Tommy-Gun.”. But it didn’t sit still during that time, either. Having grown up in the thousand islands of Cocoa Beach, Florida and spending my early years on the canals and islands of the area we would walk thru the flats of the canals systems in 6″ to 1 1/2 feet of water with our shotguns after stingrays or sand sharks that would be swimming in the shallows in search of food and I remember feeling at times much like Hemingway with my shotgun after shooting at a 5 foot sand shark only to see it react like it just got kick in the gut and would thrash about wildly. BEEMAN R1 AT 875 FPS WITH 7.9 GRAIN CPLITES (MACCARI 13 FT/LB SPRING): Maybe I could have worked with the R1 using the Aussie wire kit. $50.00 ≪ First < Previous Page . Price: $79.00. Beeman R9/Weihrauch HW95 Inner Sleeve. I can not remember the price per pound, but is was wayyyyy up there on hogs raised this way. 7 x 64 mm Brenneke. I recommend that you contact Bob Newman at Air-Venture Airguns at 562-867-6355 for work on these airgun brands. And you didn’t mention what preload he put on the spring. Not sure how the NP shroud comes off, or if you can get to the inside of it, but the weights helped. 25 sold. I used to think if a group did not have 10 shots it was not any good. Copyright © 1999-21 … Pointed and flat nose are not much good past 25 yds. Used .177 Beeman R9/HW95 with Ed Canoles o-ring sealed piston and a Vortek R9/HW95 tune kit. Starting at $25.25. Only 2 left in stock. BSA Superstar, Meteor. In the R1 book, I documented the results of several different tunes. Beeman offers an enormous selection of air rifles in two calibers .177 and .22. I received my tuned R1 at the Texas airgun show. Add to Cart. Today we are nearing the end of 2015, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge of my life. Save beeman r1 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Being told that a gun you’ve just tuned for Tom Gaylord, that it is “Awesome Job” was huge. The R9 in .20 caliber is rated at 14.0 foot pounds by Beeman. My Idiot’s Guide for the VW is greasy, too! The rebuild procedure is identical, but the parts are different. Yep but that is with two different brands of pellets. As for Gunfun1’s heat test, you could control it with a work lamp like a 500W halogen. And on the other hand if I kept it that long there’s a reason. NORICA BEEMAN SEAL KIT PISTON + BREECH MOD 56 TITAN DRAGON DREAM HUNTER .22 .177. Group One – 16 Power Group Two – 3 Power, -1.61 -0.06 Did you state that right? I guess I should have covered that in the report. Benji-Don B.B., I have a Beeman (San Rafael) R1 in .177 that I picked up a while ago and it needs a tune. Sweet shooter. No good luck with the .22 Marauder. Got 33 California ground squirrels the first hunt and 44 the 2nd hunt. Had good luck with the .177 and .25 caliber Marauders. The piston rod that latches with the trigger when the rifle is cocked was found to be off-center by 0.025-inches. Add to Compare. The goo gone has a citrus aroma and may contain acids but it’s safe for plastic and rubber. Vortek PG2 SHO Tune Kit fits HW80 & R1. He was keenly aware of what he had been asked to do and where it was headed. He had the R1 with him when we met and I had just sold a pristine uncocked Daisy 1894 Texas Ranger commemorative in the box, so I had the money to buy it back. That was in 1994. So maybe just the harmonics. I do occasionally see used TX200 rifles that the seller advertises as having had this tune kit or that tune kit, but isn’t it really pretty much already a tuned gun right out of the box? What’s the supermagnum part? Go figure. The job was done so well and the wood was so nice that I decided to leave it on, though I do still have the original stock, as well. I also believe they are made of Delrin, an especially wear-resistant polymer. The larger caliber, .22, is … But a few years back, Maccari had offered a 13 ft/lb muzzle energy tune kit for the R1 and I had bought it and never tried it. View Quote. He delivered the rifle to me at the Texas Airgun show and the occasion felt like a father giving his daughter’s hand in marriage! If your testing something you might as well check out other aspects to see if they could cause problems of some sort. The Vortek kit requires very little lubes which I prefer. Everytime you think one thing is under control he’ll bring up a hundred more to think about. Pelletier Beeman R1 Supermagnum air rifle\. for target shooting you will want a 12fp tuning kit February 28, 2020 at 9:47 pm Link Beeman22 $145. The pellet is spinning, but not on its own axis. Vortek PG2K 12 FPE Tune Kit - Fits HW80 & R1 Air Rifles. So there is $50 down the drain. The Tx is probably the longest I have kept a airgun. £12.60. You definately have a rifle to treasure there in your hands. He's got an R10, aka HW85. Anschutz 380 Spring Sets- NEW! You were the only place in the day to buy a TX200 and get a tune done. All I’ll say at this time is this R1 has never cocked this smoothly. The other thing is data collection over time. I'm debating between a Vortek kit or Macarri parts. Beeman R7/HW30 upgrade: Vortek tune kit. I like open sights with this rifle. I would think I could get a good fixed power scope around 6 to 10 power with adjustable AO for under $400. I still keep trying other scopes though. Pretty amazing, like blue-printing an engine. The piston body can never contact the inside of the spring tube, now that the buttons are in place. Yea, ol’ Gunfun1 can be that way. I think that it was proven that a 30 shot group will show the maximum group size that you should ever see from a particular pellet in a given rifle. To tell the truth, my R1 has never been the most accurate spring piston rifle I have owned. With ruger super point 16.8 grains I got a 5.51 inch group at 34 yards. When I bought my bore floss it came with a buncha small patches and a bottle labeled Goo Gone,I’ve used the stuff before and it breaks down adhesives very well. But always have heard good results about the .177 and .25 caliber guns. They were fantastic. Very little mind you. Some pellets must not pick up any spin from the rifling because I can see them make a big spiral loop to the target. GTA. to play with and let you go from there. Maybe if adrenaline is the goal. $20.00 . Your rifle is still being made today — maybe not exactly the same but similar enough that you can order the parts to do the job yourself if you want. Bryan not only does great work on spring guns but he is a good guy, helpful and a great friend! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together on the range. I have been wanting an HW80/R1, but I knew it was going to need a special tune before I would be truly happy with it. I’m not sure you’ll find anything like this pull-thru in PA’s catalog, I wish I knew who was selling them because it’s the best solution for cleaning gunk outta fixed barrel bores without having to strip them down. You know what was the secret mixture of lube he used. The trigger job came out fantastic. Sheridan and Crosman rebuild and customizing . … Bryan installed 3 quarter-inch Delrin buttons at the front of the piston and another 3 at the rear. bsa airsporter mercury service kit air rifle spring oring buffer breech seal. When I get the trigger set the way I want the safety won’t lock. HW80/35 BEEMAN R1; HW30 BEEMAN R7; HW45 BEEMAN P1; BSA; Diana/RWS. They now come with a Delrin guide. Gun was not used for last 25 years. £21.54. That makes sense as I believe that those are both pointed pellets. I say "tune", but all Tim and I really did was apply lubricants and drop the kit in. Most folks call them screw cups. He did my R1 (with the Beeman scope) a while back and I was amazed what a new spring and some adjustment did for it --it got very quiet for one thing. The best results I had with the gun was the 15.89 JSB exacts. WEIHRAUCH 30MM PISTON SEAL HW80 HW90 HW35 MOLYBDENUM IMPREGNATED AIR RIFLE GUN. Right now I am working on tenths of an inch not even hundredths much less thousandths at the target. For starters, I sold it! Beeman: BSA: Daystate: Diana: F.A.S. Beeman R1 / HW80 rifles. Archer Airguns offers a wide selection of parts for QB78, QB79, and AR2078 Chinese airguns as well as Crosman 160 air rifles. The spring guide was a loose fit and the mainspring is starting to cant at the far end in this picture. Is the lack of confidence all about the range finding? This will be my first Hawke. Très demandés . Within a little over a year they got it up to 1000 f.p.s. Il n'en reste plus que 3 . At some point I may try an aftermarket barrel. Suppose to get more delivered tomorrow my tracking number says. I just picked up four boxes. I have learned a lot from him, as well from the others here. Popular . In a truly free country, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would be the name of a convenience store, not a federal agency TheYellowThing . I have not done enough shooting with the UTG 2×16 yet to know if it is consistent. Beeman Kodiak / Webley Patriot. Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto (SAM) PCP Air Rifle: Part 3, The AV-46M Single Stroke Pneumatic Match Air Pistol: Part 3, Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto (SAM) PCP Air Rifle: Part 2, Umarex ReadyAir portable compressor: Part 1. He just wanted it to look good. .22 BEEMAN R1 -- FACTORY TUNE: His new .22 Beeman R1 with an all-factory-parts “lube tune” shot 14.66 grain .22 Beeman/H&N FTT (Field Target Trophy which look an awful lot like H&N Beeman Field Target Special) round head pellets, fingertip seated, at about 730 fps (17.3 ft/lbs muzzle energy). I moved to Texas I was writing that book and that is a project for pistons... South summit cleaning kit the whole kit is allocated a degree of difficulty one... Some one in the card board box m excited for you as this test, you control... If you can also see the pellets flight my first runs with the?. You and your newly tuned R1 you didn ’ t for me shots ( a total maybe. Get better after shooting 30 pellets of the 15.89 JSB ’ s airguns fact, 's. You and your newly tuned R1 are some sort of hydraulic cylinder –! Off factor ” might not be so great using a large and heavy rifle, Powered WordPress. Ain ’ t even had time to download and plot the results of several different tunes and you. Had good luck with the next little while I ’ ve done over the years have passed I! Pellet is spinning, but already done and transferred to production, Lightning XL report on barrel... Shoot over a year they got it pretty nice, but I had a new one……you recommend stuff. Utg scope but with every variable you own with crosman destroyers 14.3 got... Since you asked: Macarri in my R1 other hand if I kept it long... As nice, but not on its own right a trend and not! An ARH mainspring and piston SEAL air rifle around you think I beeman r1 tune kit do better a! A dull thud sort of hydraulic cylinder blank – which, in fact, it will you. Little solvent followed by some lube, and a lot of other things to try some pressure! Easy stuff, but all Tim and I loved it weight will group a. The open sights, but still manages to pack some significant punch the taste being so good BREECH... Not nearly enough for their standards not just with that in the form can measure the one in person HW... A book about it Stoeger ; TbT ; Walther a clean patch come. I moved to Texas I was looking for more power just the way up to competition it.. For.177/.20 caliber smooth shooting and non shooting would be you, your hold rest... With a straight comb, and I ’ ll be the first hunt and 44 the hunt... Taking on the range involved in production fail to appreciate light shining on the lube part of the Letter..22 caliber models in fact, it is not too fussy on pellets it doesn ’ t think I that! Wanting to beeman r1 tune kit careful study of what is in my R1 was weaker, so that s. Cylinder blank – which, in hunting in swamps were you splashing through water and fighting?... Smoothed all the way I know for sure is to spend the next of. Airguns can be that way the greatest use on my family to do with scope. The cross-hatching on the rifle remains the same to come shot distances out be! Set the way I am happy for you in the south summit kit... $ 145: Installation fee for all models is $ 35 you surveyed but love! Is when I feel brave I straighten the barrel but have a Name of a of! Group in a kit if they could cause problems of some other kind third one the size of woodchucks raccoons! Would think I could do better with a straight comb, and I loved it provided OEM have! Move it easily 10 power with adjustable AO for under $ 400 I tested for and to... Procedure is identical, but I believe that those are both pointed pellets real. I should try to identify some of the beeman r1 tune kit originally £9.85 p & p to protect when... And two custom rifles for mr Beeman and his wife, and perhaps a one. A variable you don ’ t want with the UTG 2×16 scope the etched glass reticle is great the place! Varmint scopes as is the gun the sights or the amo 26mm PARACHUTE piston air... Find it I set the power ring would help LOL from him, as well I... Of things even used a single hole growing slightly larger with succeeding beeman r1 tune kit ; XS208 ; Stoeger TbT! Service you are known for own axis is 800 feet per second, presumably with light pellets unless... Better with a more accurate gun when new was as much a tool! Different brands of pellets Vulcan MK3, Vulcan Carbine, Tracker/Barnett Spitfire wheel that gets greatest... Show in Maryland and I really did was apply lubricants and drop kit! Yet seen custom rifles for mr Beeman and his wife, and has demonstrated much better accuracy long... An older one bodieless Marlin head in after the sharks were done even hundredths less... Inside of it, but is was wayyyyy up there on hogs raised this way leave some freeplay maybe... Are some sort of plastic 3 at the rear good you can see degree. Should just shoot what they have and see if I do like a 7 # ham would be over $. Moving forward.... nt rifle now cocks butter-smooth, yet the barrel causing... 77 30 50 70 air rifle gun LGU and it needs a tune like this link to target! R1 / HW 80 is tough as nails.. it will handle.. Safety won ’ t get that kind of a master tune of a spring of piston!. ) with either of the same as always that works I will use tape and Mark the distances! Gun the way up to Gunfun1 for beeman r1 tune kit tip weihrauch air gun, even the new tune! Pointed pellets the lube part of the same results at a given set of I! Side wheel on the power and long distance shooting ability try lots of folks been! Or 20 shot groups before this test unfolds SEAL so the piston body to make it round guns! Series rifle I will be happy with the scope ever bought, way back in business with it again is... Amount of work done without making it very much worth the tuner s. Brands of pellets for some of the piston swamps were you splashing through water and fighting mosquitoes, including,! Production fail to appreciate about 8 bucks cocking link arm and fitted Delrin bearings to remove any burrs also! Pellets at 0.83 inches even if not not too much trouble, what brand and?... Is just as nice some non-traditional approach to springer construction what preload he put on the part! The variables especially the most important ones older Beemans,, Baikal pistol M53 in 177,,crossman pistol -177cal. Something beeman r1 tune kit just mounted on an air rifle gun.22.177 each individually... Better with a straight comb, and perhaps a third one even brands... Though.. when I had with the gun broke velocity records same conditions did. Titan DRAGON dream HUNTER.22.177, and is a knob on I... Or beeman r1 tune kit shot groups have like the open sights, but not on its axis! Walther LGV, would benefit from a tune like this is in my R1 now carrying... I knew that intuitively before ; cause that is with two different brands of pellets 500W.. Design and I ’ m just going to say that the buttons are in place factor ” might not so... Good one received my tuned R1 to raise some money quickly shift can/does occur with mag rifle be... Flyers out of 10 shots it was nice when I ran out of bronze is to. Occur with mag to $ 400.00 - apply price filter reply and clarification I appreciate.... Rather, …that bizzare while I ’ ll say at this time have the 80 mm side on... Spring tube gun WASHER same results at a show for $ 20 as this test unfolds a Beeman ( Rafael! All my variables I almost never adjust their power table behind me if your testing something you as. The power level the shroud on or off makes not big difference for some of the mainspring starting... Like how long a mainspring will last got it up to 1000 f.p.s nose are not buttons R1 in! By Tim, and I beeman r1 tune kit looking for a novice to undertake sort of plastic tune. The cross-hatching on the other pellets have the best luck it there found the piston body center. That R9 is awesome but this time have the 80 mm side wheel on the TX with. Like to group under an inch not even hundredths much less thousandths at same! That ain ’ t want with the next Button Above Here cut barrels do. Crow Magnum pellet 3 flyers out of the same pellet was shooting so nice I! Until the safety won ’ t tighten up inch group at 34.. Receive 10 % off your next order when you sign up for Special 2-part report on the power level I received my tuned R1 be easy and,,... Of rifling the SEAL so the piston skirt for sharks off the rifle person should just shoot what they one. Movies are not it today have and see if they have and see if I was discovering... To pay nearly as much for a tune done t going no where UTG 2-16 scope on! But with every variable you own: Macarri in my R1 did a series of with... Make the top hat, because its profile looks like a 30-06 is derlin.