Full Paper Submission

Please choose ONE of the following journals to submit your paper to. All submitted papers will be refereed to keep the standard quality of the journals by the journals’ editors. If accepted, your papers will be published in the journals’ 2018 editions.

  1. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society (JIMS, http://www.jims-a.org/). Use the JIMS-ICREM2017-paper template and follow the submission instruction here.
  2. Electronic Journal of Graph Theory an Applications (EJGTA, http://www.ejgta.org/). Use the EJGTA-ICREM2017-paper template and follow the submission instruction here.
  3. Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences (JMFS, http://www.journals.itb.ac.id/). Use the JMFS-ICREM2017-paper template and follow the submission instruction here.
  4. Journal on Mathematics Education (JME, http://www.jims-b.org). Use the JME-ICREM2017-paper template and follow the submission instruction here.
  5. Jurnal Matematika & Sains (JMS, http://jms.fmipa.itb.ac.id/ ). Use the JMS-ICREM2017-paper template and follow the submission instruction here.
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